About Us



Comma is here to remind you of 

the sublime in stillness.

That amidst the clamour of modern life, time is your greatest currency.


As our name implies, Comma stands for taking a moment to breathe, regenerate, find calm, and begin again.


Our therapies are relatable, customised and intuitive.



We believe in the healing power of touch, in conscious minimalism, warm neutrals, pacifying low light, and baptism by oiled up limbs.  

But there’s more to Comma than a moment of day-spa-induced sopor.

Comma represents a lifestyle that’s enriched and balanced inside and outside our walls.

We invite you into a space that’s collaborative; an expression of the local community, where Australian artisans and makers are front and centre.

A place where you’ll have the sort of holistic massage experience that will make you wonder how you ever went on without it. A place that is yours as much as it is ours.   


We believe everyone deserves to take their time, to create their own perfect synergy, so we invite you in to find yours.



Welcome to Comma.